What is bioinformatics? Bioinformatics is a science that deals with the study of software systems of biological organisms, which means: decoding, preservation, modulation and transfer of biologically active software bases. Applied bioinformatics involves the use of biologically active cellular software programs designed to treat and cure pathological conditions in all living organisms. Worldwide, Bioinformatics is a field in which much time and attention is devoted due to the fact that it provides a perspective like no other known medical branch yet. In order for the principle of functioning of the human organism to be clarified, we can give an example that it is composed as a hardware and software.

The regeneration software exists in all cells of the human organism, and it is unconsciously activated in certain conditions, for example when we have a cut on the skin, these pores quickly regenerate and the wound closes. It is also well known that the liver is rapidly regenerating. All cells have the same DNA, which means that all cells have the regeneration software. The main purpose of applied bioinformatics is to activate the regeneration software in certain cells when needed. What is meant by the term Bioinformatical therapy? The bioinformatical therapy is not based on a chemical substance as the main factor for healing, but it is based on the Information Complex (software cellular complex of information written on the chemical carrier) of a particular cellular software language as the only factor of treatment.

Bio Informatics